Geospatial Analysis

More than just maps . . .

HealthLandscape is dedicated not only to data democratization and data visualization, but also to research related to health, health care and social determinants of health. We are actively:

  •       > Researching how our social circumstances affect our health and access to health care;
  •       > Applying geospatial and statistical techniques to help answer questions about disparities in health outcomes; and
  •       > Creating new visualization methods.

Geospatial Research Briefs

Our new series, Geospatial Research Briefs, highlight these interests. These short papers will cover a variety of topics that are intended to demonstrate the power of geospatial analysis and tools for better understanding important issues related to healthcare. The research briefs will emphasize the use of publicly accessible datasets as well as data visualization and mapping tools, while focusing on the key areas of health disparities, population health, primary care, and value-based payment models.

Release DateGeospatial Research BriefAuthor
March, 2016Do Regions with More Preventive Care Have Lower Spending and Fewer Hospitalizations?Michael Topmiller, PhD
May, 2016Where are “hot spots” of Medicare spending and preventable hospitalizations and “cold spots” for preventive care?Michael Topmiller, PhD
July, 2016Where are “bright spots” for appropriate Diabetes preventive care?Michael Topmiller, PhD
October, 2016Exploring Competition and Proximity: A Comparison of Basic MethodsJené Grandmont, MA
July, 2017Where are Areas of Greatest Need of New Health Centers? A Spatial Empirical Bayes ApproachMichael Topmiller, PhD & Jennifer Rankin, PhD
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